PEERS is a program designed to offer Parents,  Education, Empathy, Rapport and Support. All services at PEERS are for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It is the goal of PEERS to help parents be the best they can be in their parenting role. The PEERS program began in 1977, and was the only program of its kind in the state. Through the years, it has gained acceptance as a model program to help families under stress deal with the problems of parenting. In 1983, the program was recognized by the North Carolina Preventative Services Training Institute as one of the most cost effective and comprehensive family service programs in the state. The Governor's Award for Outstanding Volunteer Services was presented to the PEERS volunteers in 1987. In recent years, individual PEERS volunteers have received the Governor's Award and the JC Penney Golden Rule Awards for their service to the program.

        Major funding comes from the United Way of Onslow County, the City of Jacksonville, Onslow County, the Department of Health and Human Services, and donations from individuals, churches, businesses, civic groups and through fundraisers.

Our Team

Alicia LeMaire

Office Manager 

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Kristin David

TPPI Social Worker - Adolescent

Parenting Program 

Graduated from Alvernia College in 2007 with a Bachelors in Social Work. Been a Social Worker for 11 years.  Kristin has a variety of experience.   I was told my first day here that you never leave PEERS and that cannot be more true. We have former employees, clients and interns come to volunteer or just to stop in and say hello. The most rewarding day at this job can be a simple thank you or when you realize your teen has become self sufficient and no longer needs to be enrolled.  I am also happily married and have 2 children.   

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Tondrea Leach

Executive Director

Tondrea came to PEERS with 17 years of DSS / Child Welfare experience.  Tondrea has been a volunteer at PEERS for several years.  She is passionate about serving our community.  

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Katie LeMaire

Parenting Facilitator (Social Worker)

Katie has returned to PEERS after a few years out in the world.  

Katie has experience in all program areas of PEERS; childcare, APP and Parent Ed.  She is trained in most of the parenting curricula's offered at PEERS and loves teaching parents  

Megan Inman

CSSA, Adolescent Parenting Program

     Leah Travers
          Toddler Room
Young Man with Glasses
Young Man with Glasses

  Ally Schmidheiser

              Infant Room


Kayeloni Everhart

     Sara Deskara