A Look Inside PEERS!

If you've never visited our office, no need to fret. Our director, Tondrea Leach, gave a tour of our white house for you to enjoy! After you watch, stop by and say hi! We're open 8am-5pm.

Free Childcare Program

You read that right! FREE CHILDCARE! Here at PEERS we are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect in Onslow County. Many of us who work at PEERS are parents ourselves and we understand the unique stressors parents are faced with. That's why we provide free child care service. Our childcare program is available to parents of non school aged children who simply need a break. Whether you have some appointment, want to go grocery shopping, or just want to take a shower and clean your house without being interrupted 583,692 times, we are here for you. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we open from 9 am to 1 pm for childcare. You can utilize this service once a week. We ask that y

Adolescent Suicide: What Do We Need To Know?

With adolescents facing increasing levels of social and emotional pressures, a greater focus has been placed on the occurrence of suicide in the adolescent population. There has been a search to try to understand what would cause a young person to make such a permanent decision. While there is no single answer that will explain every situation, listed below are a few of the risk factors that research has found to be associated with suicide attempts in adolescents: *Mental health or substance abuse disorders *Challenging life events *Impulsive behaviors *Family history of mental health or substance use disorders *Feelings that they are trapped in a situation that they cannot get out of *Feeli

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