Class Descriptions

Early Childhood Nurturing Program for Parents (0-4) – This 8 or 16-week course teaches parents developmental expectations to apply disciplinary consequences that are age appropriate. Information on nurturing parenting techniques and behavior management are taught through video and group discussion. Encourages parents to learn parenting skills rather than depending on the belief that parenting is instinctual.  Children may be out of the home for the 16-week class only.


The Incredible Years® (2-8) – This 16-week course provides parents with guidelines not only to help prevent behavior problems from occurring but also with strategies to promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence.   The Incredible Years® evidence-based programs for parents, teachers, and children reduce challenging behaviors in children and increase their social emotional learning and self-control skills. Currently unavailable.


Group Triple P (2-12) - A broad-based parenting intervention delivered over nine weeks for parents of children who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills. The program involves six (2 hour) group sessions of up to 12 parents. Parents actively participate in a range of exercises to learn about the causes of child behavior problems, setting specific goals, and using strategies to promote child development, manage misbehavior and plan for high-risk situations. Then there are three (15 to 20 minute) individual telephone consultations to assist parents with independent problem solving while they are practicing the skills at home. The final session is in a group setting to review progress, discuss maintenance and generalization issues and complete final assessments. (NEED To have children in your care)


The First Five Years-(0-5) This five-week course is video based and helps parents learn how to protect and teach their children. It teaches 4 stages of child development and how to encourage learning during each stage. Non-violent discipline skills and rule settings at each level are discussed. This is the updated version of Parent! 1234.


Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours (4-18) - This five-week program teaches parents about "reality discipline, an action-oriented way of holding kids accountable for their behavior." This discipline is based on unconditional love and the willingness to take the time and effort to enforce discipline. The seven principles discussed are: Establish a healthy authority over children, Hold children accountable for their actions, Let reality and life be the teachers, Use actions more than words, Words only go so far, Stick to your guns, Just don't shoot yourself in the foot, Relationships come before rules, Live by your values, Model the behavior you want to see in your children.


Active Parenting (5-12) - This five-session program demonstrates non-violent discipline techniques and effective encouragement skill to parents of children ages 5-12. Topics include mutual respect, active communication skills, teaching responsibility and much more. Enhanced version of AP Now!


Love Notes (12-18) - This class is for adolescents. Its primary instruction is on healthy relationships. It covers many aspects of relationships healthy and unhealthy. It usually meets for 5 weeks for two hours.


Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce (5 steps to prevent divorce abuse) - This five-week program teaches parents to shield their children from parental conflict and how their actions may harm their children. This will help parents to establish positive post-divorce co-parenting relationships.  Parents will learn to guide their children through the process of recovery while establishing a positive, long-term relationship with the child's other parent. This program is an extensive, informed, and interactive resource examining the complex realities of parenting after divorce. 


Darkness to Light (D2L) - A 2.5-hour Stewards of Children training utilizing a video, an interactive workbook and group discussion to address child sexual abuse and its impact on children. It includes survivor stories and commentary from experts in child sexual abuse, adult education, and law enforcement. It introduces 5 Steps that will empower you to be a stronger child advocate for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse and reinforces skills with discussion. Child or perpetrator interviews are not used, but rather affirmations from survivors about their healing. The video focuses on empowerment and healing and addresses primary and secondary prevention.


Stress and Anger Management -A 5-week program that has practical skills, reflections, and journaling to help parents understand where their anger and  stress come from and how to keep them under control. Workbook has an area that allows planning discipline methods for expected misbehavior.


Resilience Screening-As the documentary Resilience reveals, toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brain. The video follows pioneering individuals who looked at the ACEs research and the emerging research on the behaviors of children.


*D2L will now be offered in the evening. Special 1 on 1 class may be allowed in special circumstances.

*Basic Baby Care is done upon request. 

All referrals need to be emailed to


If you or a self-referral or other agency, you can email or call in your referral. 


All referral sources will receive a copy of the participants’ report card at the conclusion of the class.

Parents who have teenagers should be referred to MCM.   


PEERS must have at least 5 participants for a class to take place.

**PEERS will be doing classes on Zoom Meetings until further notice**


Upcoming Classes and Session Dates

              (No classes the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)

July 20-August 17, 2020 – Active Parenting – Monday (5) 6pm-8pm  


July 21 -August 18, 2020 –– Making Children Mind without Losing

Yours (MCM) – Tuesday (5) 6pm-8pm

July 22-August 19, 2020 – First Five Years– Wednesday (5) 6pm-8pm

July 23-November 5, 2020 – Early Childhood Nurturing (ECN) –

Thursday (16) 6pm–8pm (*Children may be in out of the home placement i.e., Foster/TSP care)


August 26, 2020-Resilience-Wednesday (1) 6pm-8pm

September 1, 2020 Darkness to Light (D2L) –Tuesday-6pm-8:30pm

September 2-October 14, 2020- Early Childhood Nurturing (ECN)

Wednesday (8) 6pm-8pm *Children must be in the home

September 8-November 3, 2020 Group Triple P (PPP) – Tuesday (9)

 6pm-8pm  (Phone Call Weeks on 10/6, 10/13, 10/20– must participate on all phone calls)

September 14-October 12, 2020–Crossroads to Parenting and Divorce (CPD)- Monday (4) 6pm – 8pm 

October 19, 2020-Darkness to Light (D2L) Monday-(1) 6pm-8pm

October 21, 2020-Resilience-Wednesday (1) 6pm-8pm


October 26-November 30, 2020 – AP First Five Years -Thursday (5)


November 10-December 8, 2020 -Stress and Anger Management

(SAM) Tuesday(5) 6pm – 8pm  


November 12-December 17, 2020 – Active Parenting –Thursday (5)


December 7, 2020-Resilience-Monday (1) 6pm-8pm

December 9, 2020-Darkness to Light (D2L) Wednesday (1) 6pm-8:30pm


(Holidays and non-class dates during class sessions are built into the schedule)