Dear Friends and Community, 

The PEERS Family Development Center is a non-profit volunteer and community supported program aimed at promoting effective parenting practices and preventing child abuse and neglect. Each year, more than 126,000 children are reported being abused or neglected in the state of North Carolina. In FY 2016-2017, over 3,400 of those cases were right here in Onslow County. The fact is, abuse and neglect CAN be prevented!

For over 40 years, PEERS has assisted families in making positive changes in their lives. We are dedicated to providing volunteer and community supported programs designed for parents to offer Education, Empathy, Rapport, and Support. Programs consist of: Parent Education Enhancement, Adolescent Parenting, and free childcare. It is the goal of PEERS to help parents be the best they can be in their parenting roles. As a non-profit organization, PEERS relies heavily on private and public donations. 

Please join us in the fight against child abuse and neglect! Any contribution that you can make to our cause will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking a stand with PEERS Family Development Center to ensure a brighter tomorrow for our children here in Onslow County.

We invite our community partners to visit PEERS Family Development Center to see the work that is done daily.


Tondrea Leach

Executive Director