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COVID-19 Response


PEERS Upcoming Classes & Session Dates

PEERS Parent Education Enhancement program is designed to assist families who have a need for improving their parenting skills. Whether you have infants, toddlers, school age or even teenagers, we have a class for you!

This year, PEERS' Adolescent Parenting Program (APP) has provided family-centered services to a total of 49 teens. APP aims to delay further pregnancies via Long-Acting Reversible Contraception and to provide adolescent parents with the support they need to continue their education. This year we have had several males involved in home visits, parenting classes, and peer group meetings. In addition, APP participants had zero repeat pregnancies, and 6 participants received their high school diplomas. APP has supported these young parents as they strive to balance work, school, extracurricular activities, and parenting responsibilities, and we are so proud of their hard work. 

What Every Child Needs
  • Acceptance - Appreciate your child as a unique individual with special gifts and talents.

  • Encouragement - Support your child's efforts in trying new things so you nurture creativity and exploration.

  • Fun - Take time to laugh and play and share the wonders of life together.

  • Patience - Be understanding when your child makes a mistake- it's a part of learning and growing.

  • Praise - Express delight for all the things you like about your child and you will help build self-esteem.

  • Respect - Treat your child as a valuable person, who in return will learn self-respect and to respect others.

  • Security - Provide boundaries to allow your child to grow safely and feel secure.

  • Love - Show your affection and say "I love you!" often so your child knows how much you care.

Making a difference one child at a time!

Thank You to All of Our Community Partners for Their Support!
  • We ask you follow the state/county/city guidelines for safety.
  • During this time of COVID-19 the PEERS staff is available for phone calls.
  • We will update our FACEBOOK Pages with activities with Mrs. Leah and Mrs. Ally. Katie will have some parenting tips! Make sure you LIKE us!