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History of PEERS:
(Parenting Education Empathy Rapport and Support)

PEERS is a program designed for Parents to offer Parents, Education, Empathy, Rapport and Support. All services at PEERS are for the prevention and intervention of child abuse and neglect.  “The anachronism PEERS evolved out of the basic concepts envisioned as essential to supporting families.  It was the intent to aid both parents and preschoolers in an educational or re-educational format.  Staff and volunteers would provide empathy for the situations encountered by the families.  Rapport is a key element in establishing a sense of trust which is necessary to bring about corrective change.  In addition, family assessments would point to other necessary avenues of support to help stabilize the home environment. Find the complete history of the PEERS here

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"PEERS works collaboratively with families and the community for the prevention and intervention of child abuse and neglect.

"Together, with community partners, PEERS will offer services to build healthy, nurtured, and empowered families."

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